Our Students

Marconi International University is founded on the principles of being open to all qualified students regardless of nationality, race, or any personal identity. Our aim is to provide an affordable educational opportunity for all students and their families through various scholarship opportunities, flexible payment plans, and consistent guidance along their educational paths.

We are committed to fostering an international student body and accommodating our students in their academic pursuits and assess them based on their potential to succeed in our programs. We provide a free online English assessment to determine students’ language competencies and offer an English course to those that do not meet the basic requirements, preparing them for their studies.

Through our scholarships, we are able to extend our educational programs to a wide array of national and international students, evaluating them on their qualifications and capacity to succeed in their studies.

With more than 50% of our students hailing from various parts of Latin America and the rest of the world, MIU is continuing to create an international atmosphere and learning experience.



Student data
Students on track with their coursework   65%
Retention 98%
Placement N/A
Graduation N/A


Well over 75% of MIU students are pursuing graduate degrees, having selected us to continue their education and take the next step further in their careers.

Our students also boast a variety of different academic backgrounds as well, with as much as 40% of them already possessing multiple advanced degrees.