Cybersecurity Observatory


The general objective of the Observatory is to deepen the knowledge about the cyber security and critical infrastructure protection and to promote a strong collaboration between USA and ITALY, as well as to have a permanent body that analize the best practices aiming to share the necessary information that contributes to the adoption of policies and strategies about the issue and to create a collaboration between public and private bodies.

The observatory aims mainly at linking, in person or virtually, institutions, companies and academicians of USA and ITALY. Thus, the Observatory is expected to multiply the individual efforts carried out by a great number of institutions and experts. The unifying role of the Observatory will allow to generate synergies among its members, extending the scope of the activities carried out by all the members of the Observatory in USA and ITALY.


  • To create a discussion place for the analysis of the strategic issues regarding the impact of cyber security in the critical infrastructure protection (eg. transport, energy and telco), threats, vulnerabilities and remediations.
  • To disseminate and promote studies for the promotion of the cyber security awarness and the role of human capitol.
  • To support the relation between USA and ITALY on cybersecuirty issues.
  • Definition of the lines of research to be persued during the year. The members may publish part of their publications on the Observatory, which will be distributed through the Portal and the databases of the Observatory
  • Creation of a scientific committee made up of renowned academicians leading research groups in university institutions and companies between USA and ITALY.



The Observatory will develop the following activities:

  • Report on the state of art concerning the Critical Infrastructure Protection with a focus on Firmware Security;
  • Distribution of Publications: Semestral bulletin with the news from public and private sector in USA and in Italy;
  • Institutional representation in specialized events;
  • Apply to national and international research program
  • Development of professional training programs
  • Organization of seminars and workshops open to the public as an activity that contributes to foster the exchange between both countries. The observatory will be the favorable framework for presenting the publications of its members, as well as to encourage the participation of experts from both countries, government officials and businessmen, among others

The Observatory will have its administrative headquarters at MARCONI INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY 111 NE 1st street, 6th Floor, Miami, FL 33132 and in in Via Virginio Orsini 17/A 00192 Rome Italy. Such offices will be in charge of developing the above mentioned actions in consultation with the board of Directors of the university in USA and ITALY.

The Observatory organizes the "Information Security Manager" high-level training course, an innovative training course that aims to train managerial figures specialized in international cyber security, able to analyze and evaluate business risks and plan intervention activities in response to cyber attacks and cybercrime.

For more information about the program of the course:

Course Start: Friday, September 15, 2017
Location: ROME, Via Virginio Orsini, 17/a