Graduate Programs

For professionals and graduates wishing to reach the next level of their professional career or deeply expand their knowledge and practice within their field, MIU offers four graduate programs:

  • Master’s Degree in International Business Administration
  • Master’s Degree in Education Leadership Management and Emerging Technologies
  • Doctorate in Business Administration
  • Doctorate in Education Leadership

Graduate students have the opportunity to complete a capstone project or a research dissertation allowing them to critically explore a subject of their choice within their field of study and contribute to their academic and professional development.

These programs are designed for those that want to position themselves in higher levels of leadership within their fields. Interdisciplinary studies will expand foundational knowledge and reinforce analytical thinking and assessment of real life situations, preparing graduates with the practical skills and competencies to excel in positions of leadership and management.

All graduate programs are offered either online or on campus, in English and in Spanish, providing flexible alternatives for different students’ needs.

During the online study mode, students will have the opportunity to regularly interact with their professors and have access to tutors that can assist them in the coursework. In this manner, students can seek assistance when necessary and at their convenience.