Marconi International University is the only Institution in USA offering Dual Degree Programs (USA/ITALY).
Thanks to the academic agreement between Guglielmo Marconi University (Italy) and Marconi International University (US) the US quarter credits obtained during the study period will be recognized by Guglielmo Marconi University (Italy) that will automatically issue the Italian certificate degree valid in Europe.

MIU offers an education model that is built around the students, guaranteeing flexibility in the choice of study format according to personal and professional needs, and providing continual support from faculty and tutors.

All the undergraduate and graduate programs prepare the students to achieve solid theoretical knowledge in their field of study, as well as fundamental and practical skills that can be applied in their professional careers.

Students have the unique option to study online or on campus, in English or Spanish, catering to the different needs of a wide array of students, both domestically and internationally. This flexible learning experience ensures a convenient yet effective method of achieving the desired academic and professional goals.

Simulations, case studies and project work are strong components of MIU’s online and on-campus education model. Through this coursework and the guided attention of faculty and tutors, students develop the critical thinking skills necessary to implement theoretical knowledge to solve problems in professional work settings.

Continuing and Professional Education Programs